Helping Ukrainian Refugee Children

 The International Organization for Peace, Security, and Humanity, also known as, is calling on believers and righteous people worldwide to join us in helping our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and around the world. 

Are You ready for good deeds? Can you help a sister or a brother in humanity?

 Please read on Children displaced from Ukraine by the war have not only lost their homes but also the comforts of regular routines and social interactions.

To help them regain a sense of normality and resume their education, we want to open a free primary school for newly arrived Ukrainian children in Poland and Germany with the help of the local government and other volunteers. 

It is imperative that parents and children are in a safe and familiar environment and the safest and most trusted environment for any child is a school; without your help and support, there is not much we can do. A center for refugee children is needed.

We need to help them get an education; we need to build or rent a building or facility and convert them into classrooms for elementary schools to accommodate 100-250 students aged 5-11. We need to equip a school in Germany and Poland with recreational kits and teaching materials for the Ukrainian refugees.

We call you to support and count on your help with the deliveries: art supplies - notebooks, crayons, and a color palette. Taps, computers and everything else, sports equipment and entertainment A plus. is necessary as well as first aid and cleaning supplies for a safe and healthy environment and comfort them in their struggle which will help them to concentrate on their education and knowledge. is passionate and dedicated to our humanitarian mission of helping children and families caught up in the brutal war in Ukraine. Your contribution makes a difference.

Please donate generously. 

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Visit our website: and then look for the donation form and follow the instructions.

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