More than 16,000 buildings that are threatened to collapse

President Of Lebanese Association Of Properties /LAP

Andira El Zouhairi


Do not trade on us. Complete written statement; with text Nevertheless, my statement about the memories of the Port disaster is fragmentary. See what it is, save what we believe in, freedom of speech, and Human Rights. What was stated by the President Of The Lebanese Association Of Properties / L.A.P. -Andira El Zouhairi on the occasion of the first anniversary of the tragic explosion in the Port of Beirut on August 4/2020.

 Days separate us from the anniversary of the catastrophic disaster in the Port of Beirut. Days separate us between the moment of death and the moment of life in the Port of Beirut. Days separate us from the horrors and horrors experienced by every Lebanese and everyone who has passed through this region. 

It was then that we realized how fragile and outdated our Human Rights are. As a subject of the State, we suffer, speak, and do not forget. We mourn all the victims who have fallen. We are talking about the deterioration of housing and economic conditions in Lebanon. 

Now we live in a land of horror and death on the move, where death awaits us at every step and every corner, looking at the suffering patients without drugs, a hungry child who lost hope , or patient awaiting death in front door of a hospital because he could not get a doctor's sample. Hiding behind every building a group of gangs scattered through the alleyways to intimidate, rob, and kill people in the streets who have recently rebelled against injustice and corruption. 

Uses the pretext of fires devouring people's homes in order to kidnap them. In addition, death is also in the air among fragile and cracked buildings, not just those that were damaged, collapsed, and destroyed in the explosion in Beirut and claimed the lives of the victims, but the people did not save the stones. The death that awaits us all, believe it or not, are these old, fragile buildings that have received their share of the successive wars in Lebanon and these low maintenance, rebuilding, and installation.

This death is hiding among buildings that store flammable and explosive materials, among densely populated areas due to the lack of diesel fuel, and among these buildings, there are those whose owners have migrated to the diaspora because they are no longer sufficient to support their livelihoods. Although these old buildings, victims of old rental laws and hostages of officials who have never thought about the interests of the people and the rights of citizens. Buildings that contain a project for victims of people who did not bother decision-makers, to find drastic solutions to restore the rights of their owners and provide alternative housing for their residents, or even activate leases or even create residential complexes following the purchasing power of any citizen regardless of his income Beware, these old buildings are a new project on August 4. 

We have already talked about the number of more than 16,000 buildings that are threatened to collapse. Moreover, we have already mentioned that Beirut was the city most vulnerable to collapse even before the harbor incident, and this number increased after the harbor explosion disaster.

In the name of Victims' Rights and from a humanitarian perspective, and to preserve public safety and the safety of buildings, we call on the wounded homeland that those who have inadvertently lost the words of the perpetrators take the lead in finding the final version. A reliable and fair solution to restore the rights of the owners of these buildings and an immediate plan to end this tragedy and rollback files in old rent and rent-free laws, including enacting public safety standards. Circumstances and preventing the dollar from swallowing up the rest of the buildings push their owners into homelessness and poverty. 

Do not trade on us, do not repeat the new August 4.

 Listen to our People as we demand to save old buildings from the danger of collapse. Release the shackles of old owners so they can fulfill their responsibilities. We demand an exemption of the old Landlords and incentives to facilitate the rebuilding and assembly process so that the citizen does not bear the burden of the dollar curse. 

So far, I have mercy on the victims of the harbor bombings, and I give them their due.