The universal law of fragility

The universal law of fragility 

What is the law of global fragility, and how does it affect the global economy and security? You must read. What does a fragile global investment law mean?The Global Fragility Act requires the United States government, in cooperation with civil society, to develop a 10-year strategy to increase stability and reduce violence and frailty worldwide.The fragile universal law;US House of Representatives & the Senate approved a unique opportunity to change the international community's views on the design and implementation of conflict prevention programs to achieve a significant victory. . on conflict prevention and stability, and the bill provides clear information from both parties. Republicans and Democrats. 

This message not only emphasizes the importance of addressing the root causes of conflict as a means to advance political and social interests globally but also recognizes that prevention is highly effective, in the most sustainable way to ensure sustainability and long-term stability of the community; Global architecture now offers the opportunity to work on a pragmatic concept that has not long been available to development professionals, convinced that conflict prevention is worth funding. Therefore, we must seize this opportunity at the right time, as little attention is to pay to the importance of preventing such conflicts. The bipartisan Task Force on Unstable Extremism, led by the United States Institute for Peace, the World Bank, and the United Nations Peace Tracks, provides a compelling reason why preventive investment is needed. The reports show the cost-effectiveness of prevention.For every dollar invested, donors save between $ 3 and $ 8.The Economics & Peace estimates that the cost of containing the violence is $ 14.1 trillion per year or 11.2% of GDP. The idea of preventive investment or prevention was adopted to help prevent conflicts based on a reference to the US law on global fragility. Some officials face opposition from the Senate in securing a comprehensive law for the policies of donors, communities, and implementing partners operating under this guidance. When developing profitable programs with the explicit goal of following the curve, invest in programs that create potential, and contribute to pre-conflict social cohesion efforts. As Congress develops a specific 10-year strategy on the global fragility law, implementing partners' voices should be used to link the legislation to local realities with recommendations for implementing this fragility law. In the world.The source added that policymakers, donors, and implementing partners would continue to respond to many crises worldwide. However, we will also need to focus our attention, investments, and actions on setting priorities to avoid them so that implementing partners can determine the possibility of a boycott through the local networks they have created. Cycles of violence and identification of the first signs of potential conflict.

 Therefore, we affirm that the five best practices can help guide practical conflict prevention efforts:First, avoid making decisions in a vacuum;After the United States Administration for International Development, including the establishment of the Office for Conflict Prevention and Stabilization, Conflict Prevention Cases, and Critical Humanitarian Assistance and Food Safety, along with the appointment of development, support and response officer known as R3, the prevention level will be raised to a higher agency level. It will be easy to integrate into other areas of the office. To maximize the benefits of this reorganization, policies and programs funded by each office must be consistent so that they are mutually supportive. Washington DC teams, donors, and implementing partners in this area need coordination. 

Through a ten-year strategy, the Global Fragility Act gives US Aid a leadership role in interagency discussions between the US Agency for International Development, the Department of State, and the Department of State. Defense. While highlighting areas where donors can take advantage of opportunities to data collection is an iterative process that provides a preliminary identification of the most vulnerable societies and follows pressure dynamics in this way. It continues throughout the country. Second, we introduced the mapping of local conflict dynamics systems to ensure the development of a comprehensive program with broad participation. These measures are being together to ensure that measures meet stability objectives, are sensitive to conflict, and measure success throughout the project's life. That creates a rule of evidence that being already used to inform future programs across the country. He added that the global fragility law now allows a long time to work on a concept far removed from development professionals: convincing donors that funding for conflict prevention is worth the investment. Besides, implementing partners can and should play a critical role in achieving the global architecture goal and ensuring a 10-year strategy's effectiveness - bring real experience by working directly with partners.

 Moreover, beneficiaries to resolve and mitigate the consequences of violent conflicts. In some of the most challenging circumstances. Policymakers will need to know whether they will benefit from this wealth and experience for the foreseeable future. 

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